Femte Ungdomsringen r.f.

Bölesundsvägen 10 B
65610 Korsholm

Phone: 050-433 3262
E-mail: femte[ät]sou.fi


Femte Ungdomsringen was established in 1909 as an organization for all youth associations in the municipalities of Korsholm and Vaasa. Today Femte Ungdomsringen consists of 27 youth associations with a total of 5000 individual members.

Femte Ungdomsringen's main purpose is to function as a link between the youth associations and to work as a link between these associations and The Swedish Ostrobothnian Youth Federation (SÖU).

Femte Ungdomsringen realize these aims through meetings, courses, events and competitions together with and for the associations. Femte Ungdomsringen tries to inspire, inform and look after the interests of the member associations.

In January 2003 Femte Ungdomsringen started a 3 year antidrugproject. The main aim was to reduce the drugabuse/use in the area and offer alternative sparetime activities to children and youngsters and also to involve more adults in youth work.

All member associations of Femte Ungdomsringen own a house in their village where they can arrange their activities. These youth houses are often very old, about 90-100 years old, and therefore the maintenance work demands a lot of work from the association members.
The youth associations arrange activities for children, youngsters and families. For instance dances, children's and youth clubs, amateur theatre performances, a lot of other events such as sports competitions and tournaments, family days and of course the popular cardgame Pidro.
All work that is being done within the associations is voluntary work done by young people.


Our member associations: